Show Some Respect

A short film, produced as part of a 2021 campaign by Bailiwick Law Enforcement – ‘Everyone deserves respect. Everyone deserves choice. Everyone deserves space’. Inspired by Police Scotland’s ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ campaign film. The film can also be viewed on the Bailiwick Law Enforcement Facebook Page here.

Guernsey Hospitality Recruitment

A short, fast-paced film, produced as part of a 2021 government campaign to encourage people to relocate to Guernsey to work in the hospitality industry. The film gives a snapshot of the local industry and the opportunities on offer. It also shows the added benefits of working in such a beautiful location. Visit the recruitment campaign website here.

Guernsey Police Recruitment

policeman cycling past a martello tower in Guernsey

A short film, produced as part of the 2021 campaign drive to recruit new officers into Guernsey Police. Produced on a very tight schedule, this film aimed to give an interesting overview of the varying career paths within Bailiwick Law Enforcement. The film can also be viewed on the Bailiwick Law Enforcement Facebook Page here.

Victor Hugo Garden at Candie

A short film to showcase the new Victor Hugo Garden in Guernsey, designed by Raymond Evison, with input and support from the Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society, the Garden contains a number of plants and sections which reflect Hugo’s writings, philosophy and his beliefs.

Offshore Electronics | Factory Insight

A short video to showcase the services offered by Offshore Electronics, who are a leading Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) company. Due to Covid-19 related border restrictions in Guernsey, Offshore Electronics were keen to enable potential customers a way of seeing the factory and their high-end manufacturing processes.

GBTEA “I Wouldn’t Say No to Construction”

Guernsey Post

postman sorting mail


30 bays in 30 days swimming documentary film

Ypush | Tony & Sue’s Story

Ypush | Behind The Scenes

Point Of Sale Showroom

metal staircase and artificial plants in a showroom

Make a Home in Guernsey

silhouette of a person standing on a cliff edge

VisitGuernsey | Go-Do

two women painting a seascape of Guernsey

Monica Puig | Empowering Fellow Puerto Ricans

Monica Puig made history in 2016 when she became the first athlete representing Puerto Rico to win Olympic gold. Monica has made numerous visits home to her island to aid and support her fellow Puerto Rican’s with the help of the #YoNoMeQuito foundation, which provides motivation and monetary resources to individuals who are determined to seize new opportunities for advancement and bettering their lives.

ICCI Conservation Awards

The Insurance Corporation Awards logo on top of a blurred foliage photograph

Sea Donkey | Documentary

A swimmer in the sea photographed from below

Adam Peaty in Guernsey

Professional swimmer Adam Peaty stood at the edge of a swimming pool

Miami Open | Zverev & Isner’s Day Goes To The Dogs

Professional tennis player Alexander Zverev stroking a sausage dog

2018 VisitGuernsey Season Overview

guernsey harbour with two cruise ships in the background

VisitGuernsey & StudioCanal Marketing Collaboration

A woman folding a suitcase on the Guernsey cliffs

WTA Future Stars

Close up crop of a tennis racket and ball on a court

Guernsey Literary Festival

A Guernsey Literary Festival flag against a backdrop of the St.Peter Port high street

Wynne & Wynne photo-shoot

A model posing for a photograph in a professional studio

Conquer The Castle with World Champion Manon Carpenter

Professional cyclist Manon Carpenter wearing a full face helmet and goggles

Family Day Out with James Strawbridge

James Strawbridge cooking a meal outside at a campsite in Herm

Working In Guernsey

A blurred aerial photograph of St. Peter Port Guernsey

Relocate to the Island of Guernsey

A man fishing at L'ancresse bay in Guernsey

Cobo Bay Luxury Apartments

wide angle photograph of modern apartment building

Harrison Automotive | Triumph TR6

close up of the rear of a red Triumph car

Guernsey Skatepark Construction Timelapse

aerial photograph of Guernsey skatepark

Gollop | Documentary

Close up of politician John Gollop

Mark | Documentary

Professional BMX rider Mark Webb repairing his bike